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Like the title says EVERYONE has trust issues. I also touch on the all kids should get McDonald's topic lol .
I have been very blessed to have some of the greatest friends who are also amazing fathers, and since there is a lack of appreciation for that in this world I figured I would show some on this underrated but very important holiday!
I have been gone to way to long but I'm back and ready to talk!
My bad y'all I been gone for a min but I'm back and I brought a special quest with me!
Im Back Baby !!!!!!!!!
Just like the title says, school isn't for everyone. This was a last min submission but one of the biggest points I could make!
Podcast I was a guest host on : https://youtu.be/_SKbpbOSCB4
In honor of Mothers Day I decided to sit down with my Mom Mattie and my second mom my older sister Rochelle. You guys are in for a treat you get to see where I get it from and hear my moms feelings on me growing up and the man I have become.
This week I had the pleasure of sitting down with Christin Harley. Christin has been a teacher for the past 20 years, a wife of a United States military Petty Officer , mother of 6 and is currently running a seat on the Penfield NY school board. We spoke on family, education and the state of the world thr out this pandemic and her plans if elected.

First Solo episode of the year. I needed to catch up with you guys and just get some stuff off my chest. Nothing to wild just kind of a pow wow.
This week i got a chance to sit down with Flydef Rell and our friend Kyle Palmer . Kyle is an Independent Financial Representative and wanted to get our take on financial literacy in our community, and how he may be able to be of service to the minority community. This episode has a lot of Gems in it, so pay close attention. All of the links to more financial literacy and independence are listed below.
Kyles links
In this day and age a lot go people are finding them selves and learning that they may need to reinvent themselves due to the current state of the country. I sat down with my boy Justin Rambo and we talked it up about life, goals and finding who you are. If you find yourself wanting more after this episode make sure to check out Justins links bellow.
I got a chance to sit down with my oldest friend in the world and very hilarious comedian Carmen Vallone. We touch on the meaning of the age 21, what is was like for use growing up with is father the late great Mario Vallone, and what the future will look like for us .
The second half to the conversation with @steph_tep_. This time around we get into dating as a single mother and dating a single mother along with some question answering.


Got a chance to sit down with the homie @Steph_tep_ and chop it up about the male female friendship dynamic. What side of this are you on ? Can a man a women be best friends or is there always someone who wants more ?

There has been a lot that has changed but so much that has stayed the same lol . Just a quick comparison of DreSays at 18 vs DreSays today.


Let's be real we all know its true. There has never been just one America and this past week has been a prime example of the difference between the two. Welcome to 2021 people!

What a crazy year it has been. With the first 15 episodes of The DreSays Podcast happening in 2020 I had to do a wrap up episode and leave us off on a positive note gaining into 2021.
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So word on the street is the bar is set super low for men. Im going to have to disagree with that statement.
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m owning up to my fuck up and plan on fixing it !
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Being an Uncle is one of my favorite things in the world. This week I had the pleasure of sitting down with my niece and nephew and asking them some questions I never have before.

My quick guide to being a Fly Fat Boy lol . 
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Life would be so much easier if people would just own up to their shit!
With this being my 10th episode and marking 5 months of The DreSays Podcast it was only right that I bring on my right hand man, business partner and brother FlyDef Rell . I put together a few good questions for him and we touch on some important topics for us and the world we live in .
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Yes, you have read that title correctly, I am a Strong Independent Man and proud of it!
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We all have them and few of us will admit what they are. Fear is no joke, even more so when you try to suppress it .
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 This one is as simple as reading the title. We are Marks Walkers kids threw and threw and nothing will ever change that. Our dad, unfortunately, left this earth way to soon but he left behind 3 amazing people to take over where he left off. Sometimes it feels like we are putting together an IKEA product without instructions but knowing that he is still always here in spirit guiding us helps. This ones for you pops we are sticking together threw everything the way I know you would have wanted us to.
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 I have been hearing this all my life and it was time to get to the bottom of it. What the fuck does " Dre probably only dates white girls" mean? Well, today is the day we find out and you hear my thoughts on it.  
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 Being a cancer is wild but I wouldn't change it for the world. I always get complaints from my female friends about cancer men so I decided to do an episode on it. Let's see if this will help them to understand us better.
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 A quick view into my dating life. Don't judge me right away just hear me out . The winner from episode 3 drawing will be announced at the end of this episode.
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With my birthday just passing on June 25th, and me missing my friends and family I figured why not bring some of the closest people to me to center stage and make them a part of this episode. Thank you to all that participated.
@chelle0206 / Rodney
@Growwithe / @brealgb
@gaby_gag / @gagthreads
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Just as the title says I’m tired, but I must use my platform to do my part! BLACK LIVES MATTER!!!!
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   With this being my first episode, I figured why not start with the things that scare me the most, my insecurities. I know to my family and friends this may be shocking but it needs to be said. I needed to get this out and let some of the weight off of my shoulders. This is only the first episode and there will be more to come. They will not always be this deep but they will always be 100% honest and me, so welcome to DreSays The Podcast.
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