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   With this being my first episode, I figured why not start with the things that scare me the most, my insecurities. I know to my family and friends this may be shocking but it needs to be said. I needed to get this out and let some of the weight off of my shoulders. This is only the first episode and there will be more to come. They will not always be this deep but they will always be 100% honest and me, so welcome to DreSays The Podcast.
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  Just as the title says I’m tired, but I must use my platform to do my part! BLACK LIVES MATTER!!!!
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With my birthday just passing on June 25th, and me missing my friends and family I figured why not bring some of the closest people to me to center stage and make them a part of this episode. Thank you to all that participated.


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A quick view into my dating life. Don't judge me right away just hear me out . The winner from episode 3 drawing will be announced at the end of this episode.

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