Fly Definition Club Patch. Our pride. Our history.

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Fly Definition Club Patch. Our pride. Our history.

Football club patches are a sense of pride. Whatever your favorite club may be, if you're a dedicated fan you also know that club patches exemplify the story and history behind the club.

This is our club patch.

The details:

  • Fly Definition was established, officially as a brand in the year 2009. At that time we were on a different path with completely different goals. Obviously as a few years passed, those goals changed.
  • The 'flying' FD logo was inspired by one of our favorite sport logos, the Philadelphia Flyers.
  • The two flower city logos featured on opposite sides is the official logo of Rochester, New York where most of our founding members are from.
  • The palm trees represent our years based out of Miami and all the influence, relationships and progress that grew from our time there.
  • For almost two years now we've been split based between Rochester, NY and NY, NY. New York City is always plays that inspires and teaches you more even when you think there's nothing else to learn. It humbles you. Hence the forever classic skyline.
  • 4 Stars as being of the highest quality. Top form. With there always being room to improve, succeed and progress in pursuit of perfect form.

We don't want to just sell merchandise to people, we want to tell stories and give meaning. A sense of individuality in a world where so many people want to look the same. We want to represent the highest quality of person in whatever walk of life you may represent.